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Development Tools - Agents & Wizards: software components used to add agents, animated characters or wizards to an application. 

Active Assistant

With this ActiveX component you can add a Microsoft style Office Assistant to an application. According to the developer Active Assistant "can be used to provide context-sensitive help and tips, show specific animations based on options the user has chosen or steps they have taken, or provide a powerful replacement for MsgBox." (Apr-19-98)


According to the developer, Agent Pad is "...primarily designed as an instructional tool for learning Microsoft Agent development..." This development tool can also be used to quickly and easily code Agent behavior for web pages and other applications. (1999-09-18)

Cebware MessageAssistant

According to the developer: "Cebware MessageAssistant is an ActiveX control that helps you generate an "assistant" similar to Microsoft Office 97's Office Assistant. MessageAssistant allows you to show modal or non-modal message boxes, create existing or user-defined dialogs, use animation and sound, create user-defined resources with the resource compiler CARM 1.6, generate Web and email links, create bubble forms, help buttons, and help labels, and more." (Oct-18-98)

Microsoft Agent

With this ActiveX control you can add a talking animation to a website or other software that supports ActiveX controls. The Agent converts text to spoken words, gestures, moves about the screen and can accept spoken commands from a user. This could become a very significant EPSS component. (Updated-Jul-21-97)



Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper

According to the developer: "Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper, or MASH, assists you in the process of Microsoft Agent programming. MASH separates the code from the content, allowing you to focus on the presentation rather than the programming details. You can experiment with Agent's Animations, Speech, Move, and other actions, and easily compose and play back complex, entertaining scripts. MASH will automatically generate all of the HTML scripting needed to paste your creation into an HTML Web page or HTML email message."(Oct-18-98)

The Microsoft Agent Web Ring

This site lists of over 30 site that contain information or demonstrations of the Microsoft Agent. The Agent "...provides an interactive conversational interface on web sites and in desktop applications using 3D Animated Characters that support both Text-to-Speech Synthesis and Voice-Activated Commands." (1999-07-03)

Help Agent

According to the developer: "HelpAgent makes developing C/C++ standalone Microsoft Agent applications as easy as writing three lines of code. Whether you are looking to develop a complete application or just add an interactive agent to your existing standalone application, the HelpAgent library will save you countless hours of development and testing." (Oct-21-98)

CodeMonkey WizardX

The CodeMonkey WizardX ActiveX control provides all of the elements needed to add professional quality wizard dialogs to any application. (Apr-04-98)

IBM's TaskGuide

IBM’s TaskGuide is a unique Java application that allows you to build a wizard using the TaskGuide viewer software and a text file with XML tags. The viewer is something like a web browser that renders a GUI screen from the XML tags in a text file. (Jul-26-98)

kcdWizard ActiveX Control

According to the developer this ActiveX control "...allows you to easily add wizards to your applications. With kcdWizard, you can create linear wizards with very little code. Non-linear wizards are not much harder."(Oct-18-98)

Wizard 2000

Wizard 2000 is an ActiveX control that can be used to develop wizards for software applications.

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