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KMWord 2000 - Knowledge Nets: Defining & Driving the e-Enterprise

The 4th annual KMWorld on September 13 15, 2000 at the Santa Clara, CA, Convention center is  the world's largest conference and exposition dedicated to Document, Content, Work, Collaboration, Knowledge and Intellectual Asset Management and Business/Competitive Intelligence. 

IPCC/SIGDOC 2000 Technology & Teamwork Conference

In the Autumn of 2000, ACM SIGDOC and IEEE PCS (IPCC) will host a joint conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts.on September 24-27, 2000. The theme of the conference -- Technology and Teamwork -- expresses the need for professional communicators to balance the technological and humanistic aspects inherent in document production and knowledge dissemination. It also expresses the partnership of the two host organizations and the conference venue. 

Online Learning & Performance Support 2000 Conference

The Online Learning & Performance Support 2000 Conference will be in Denver Convention Complex Denver, Colorado September 25-27, 2000. 

Internet Content 2000

This conference in New Your starting on October 3, 2000 runs two days with a mix of keynotes speeches and interactive roundtable discussions that will look at the evolving landscape, the latest content "must haves" and the next generation technologies. 

Information Architecture 2000

The Information Architecture 2000 Conference will be held in La Jolla, California, October 26th & 27th.  

ASIS 2000 Annual Conference

Knowledge Innovations:Celebrating Our Heritage, Designing Our Future, the American Society for Information Science 2000 Annual Conference, Chicago, Illinois, November 13-16, 2000. This conference will look at current (and imminent) knowledge creation, acquisition, navigation, retrieval, management and dissemination practicalities and potentialities, their implementation and impact, and the theories behind developments.  We will review the processes, technologies and tools. 

Participatory Design Conference

Graduate Center of City University, New York, NY, USA, Tuesday Nov. 28 - Friday Dec. 1, 2000. Participatory Design (PD) is a set of diverse ways of thinking, planning, and acting through which people make their work, technologies, and social institutions more responsive to human needs. The disconnection of the design of technology from the context of its use is well documented, yet the gap between design and use seems to be getting wider.


PRACTICING INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport February 2-4, 2001  This conference is the second in the ASIS&T-sponsored series of conferences that are the largest meeting places for information architecture professionals.  

CHI 2001 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

The CHI 2001 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems will take place in Seattle, Washington, March 31-April 5, 2001. The annual CHI conference is the leading international forum for the exchange of ideas and information about human-computer interaction (HCI).

8th International Conference on User Modeling

July 13 to July 17, 2001 Alpen Congress Centrum in Sonthofen, Bavaria, Germany. The field of user modeling (UM) has resulted in significant amounts of theoretical work, as well as practical experience, in developing UM-based applications in traditional areas of human-computer interaction and tutoring systems. Further, it promises to have an enormous impact on recent developments in areas like information filtering, e-commerce, adaptive presentation techniques, and interface agents.


Workshops & Seminars

Training in Usage-Centered Design, Collaborative Inspections 

Constantine & Lockwood Ltd. is holding a workshop 7-11 February 2000 at the Sheraton Harborside Hotel & Conference Center in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The week starts with a full-day introduction to collaborative usability inspections, followed by a four-day intensive training in the models and methods of usage centered design. Both seminars use a mix of lectures, discussions, exercises, and hands-on application. (1999-11-22)

Classic Systems Solutions Inc.

A list of user interface design seminars. 

Human Factors International 

Human Factors International offer courses and workshops on usability testing and user interface design. 

Human Factors Short Course

This two-week course concerns the design of systems, products, and services to make them easier, safer, and more effective for human use. It emphasizes principles and concepts, and profiles examples of applications. Human Factors Concepts (Week 1) is a broad survey of human factors topics important to designers and researchers. Human Computer Interaction (Week 2) presents an overview of major topics and issues in human-computer interaction together with mini-workshops and seminars on selected principles, methods, and procedures that provide the foundation for design of effective human-computer systems.

User Interface Engineering Workshops

This page contains information about UIE's upcoming workshops and courses. User Interface Engineer's Jared Spool is well know for his view on web site usability and the information they deliver is based on their extensive testing of web site usability. 

Weinschenk Consulting Group

A list of user interface design seminars. Susan Weinschenk is the author of the book GUI Design Essentials   

Degree Programs

Bentley College - Human Factors Information Design - Graduate Program

According to the program description; "The MSHFID program at Bentley College prepares students to assume leadership roles in the field of information design."

Hankamer School of Business

The Baylor University, Waco, TX has created a Technologies in Performance Improvement track for their Information Systems (ISY) degree program. The new track offers a systematic approach to improving performance in business and industry through the use of appropriate, innovative technology supporting a variety of interventions, from traditional classroom lectures to collaborative electronic learning environments.


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