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Designer's Gallery - Systems Descriptions:  articles that describe the features and operations of actual electronic performance support systems.

The Sabre Graphical Interface

This site describes and contains illustrations of the graphical user interface for the Sabre on line reservation system. The systems feature a Gnatt chart presentation of flight times and a realistic seating plan with drag and drop capabilities.  (2000-08-06)

Helping users to perform complex tasks:

This pdf document describes IBM Launchpad. a graphical user interface that groups in one central access point the series of steps necessary to complete a single complex task. The users can then launch multiple, related wizards or dialogs from this central access point. Our launchpad design further aids novice users by providing a graphical and interactive preview of all the different steps required for the completion of any complex task, such as component installation and configuration. (2000-07-30)

Adaptive hypermedia for a Web-based performance support system

Electronic Performance Support Systems is a new and challenging area for application of adaptive hypermedia techniques. Some possible scenarios for using adaptive hypermedia for adaptive performance support were explored in the context of the Adaptive Diagnostics and Personalized Technical Support (ADAPTS) project. ADAPTS provides an intelligent, adaptive electronic performance support system for maintaining complex equipment. (2000-04-16)

Loan Star

This CIO Magazine article describes a system (Vision) that received their Enterprise Value Award." The most interesting thing about the Vision system is that its neural network components now promise benefits that even its developers didn't foresee. This is Vision's lasting value: As it learns, it helps the company make smarter decisions about Household customers." (2000-02-06)

Gloria Gery's Design Examples 

This 4,849KB PowerPoint file contains screens shots of the performance support features and attributes of various software applications, including Quicken Quick Books and Turbo Tax. (1999-11-07)

Performance Support for Product Configuration

"This prototype was designed for Ricoh to demonstrate how EPSS could address "configuration problems" which are common to all companies that sell multiple products or services. The software simplifies comparisons and allows "what-if" analysis of various choices. Although intended for the sales force, the simplicity of the design makes it feasible to allow customers to make their own informed decisions, e.g., via a web-based implementation of such an interface." (2000-01-30)

Career Step

Career Step is a career development planning tool. It lets employees assess their own capabilities, interest and learning needs and then develop an appropriate career development plan. The site includes a very good demo. (1999-07-03)

Ventix Knowledge System for SAP

To view a very good demonstration of the Ventix knowledgebase system for SAP, click the "Take the Ventix System Tour" graphic on the home page. The Ventix system appears to let you add field level knowledge to SAP screens. An organization can use Ventix to dynamically add business related information to the knowledgebase. SAP users can ask question online and have the answers to these questions added to the knowledgebase.  (1999-06-20)

Software that Sells

According to this article: "The new software lets salespeople get prices and quotes without leaving the room. It also facilitates the transmission of strategies on selling to specific types of customers in specific industries. And it arms the sales force with knowledge of a company's products, a customer's needs--and even a rival's offerings".  The article describes some of the new sales force automation software from companies like WisdomWare (1999-06-20)

Presentations by Donna Timpone

The User Edge website contains downloadable and self running copies of two recent presentations by Donna Timpone. The slide show "Setting off Fireworks contains an example of an ROI calculation and a list of systems that can be used to demonstrate the principles of EPSS. The presentation "Transforming your Help System into an EPSS contains some screen shots of a unique system that uses the Windows help system to guide users through the process of using a complex order entry system. (Jul-23-98)

From Center to Periphery

A new article by Martin Ryder and Brent Wilson that describes the development of the Collaborative Online Support System (COSS). In the words of the authors the COSS project demonstrates "...that people, given the right tools and work conditions, can develop effective systems to support their own learning and performance on the job." (Mar-23-97)

Real World Design in the Corporate Environment

This online article from the proceedings of the CHI96 Conference, describes the design of a interface shell program for Merrill Lynch. The articles includes screen shots of the preliminary and final design, a description of the results of usability testing, and information about document the interface design standards. (Mar-12-97)

An  EPSS Interface Design

This EPSS InfoSite article describes the design of an electronic performance support system that is used by the staff in eight rural aboriginal communities to find and fill in the forms and documents that are required to authorize and register land and membership transactions. The page includes screen shot graphics and diagrams. You can download a copy of the program.

WisdomWare Sales Coaching Software

This site describes WisdomWares EPSS technologies and applications for sharing knowledge and coaching a sales force.  (Updated - 1999-06-20)

Building a Demonstration Multimedia EPSS

This online report by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology documents the process and tools used to create a demonstration multimedia EPSS.

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