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Presentations, Demos & Software Downloads 


Presenter Title  Conference File Size
Gloria Gery Conference Keynote Performance Support 99 19KB
  Opening Presentation Performance Support 99 10KB
  Performance Centered Design Workshop Performance Support 99 499KB
  Design Examples   4,849KB
  Performance Support: A Model for Tomorrow Training Directors' Forum 2000 711KB
Bill Miller What is EPSS WinWriters 2000 444KB
  Performance Browsing: Tools & Techniques for developing a Browser-based EPSS Performance Support 99 242KB
  Inside the Multi-Task EPSS: Demystifying Design and Development Performance Support 98 287KB


Program Files - EPSS Examples & Design Tools
Program Name Description/Use File Size
Land Registration Forms An electronic performance support system that enables clerical level staff to select and authorize the documents required to register land and membership transactions. More Information


EPSS Designer A Lotus Notes database template file that lets you record and document user requirements, task information, decisions, rules, terminology and database fields, etc. More information 80KB