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Ariel Performance Centered Systems, Inc. is a leading-edge management consulting and software development company.  We have an international reputation for our expertise with all forms of Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS) and can deliver personalized service and customized solutions for complex business problems.
Sterling Resources, Inc. partners with clients to maximize business and employee performance.  We are a leader in supporting large-scale system implementations through a combination of training media and EPSS solutions designed to significantly lower training time and costs, improve performance and reduce risk.
Gloria Gery has been defining and developing performance support concepts and implementations for over a decade.  Gloria works with organizations in strategy development, educates Information Systems, Training, Documentation and Business Management about performance support and design. Gloria is the author of Electronic Performance Support Systems
Human Dynamics enhances an organization's ability to learn; providing the ultimate competitive business advantage. We offer cross platform EPSS (Windows, emulators, and legacy systems) without touching the source code. We can help you create an ongoing performance support system for less cost than traditional classroom training.
Performance Support Leadership Council is a group of organizations building or providing performance support products and services to clients. The group's mission is to advance the concept and implementation of performance support; promote best practices, standards and development tools; and develop business relationships.
WPI, Platinum Award Winner -1999 EPSS Design Contest, leverages technology to support learning and performance in the workplace. We bridge the gap between people and technologies through knowledge management, human factors engineering, EPSS, performance-centered design, and multi-media learning solutions. 

ACS Technology Solutions provides superior information technology consulting services for Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries. We've been doing it for over 20 years, as Cara Corporation in the Chicago area, and as Consultec in the Boston area.


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