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Development Tools - Knowledge & Document Management:  information about Knowledge and Document Management Systems. 

Knowledge management programs pay big dividends

In this ITworld.com article David Essex, reports that: "Most practitioners agree that, simply put, KM is about getting the right information to the right people when they need it. KM captures, stores, and distributes expertise throughout an organization. It encourages people to share what they've learned." (2000-08-13)

Lotus details knowledge management product

According to Lotus Developments their new knowledge management system, code named Raven, has the ability to continuously update end-user profiles and data stores with new information. For example, if new data on shock absorbers gets added to a document store, any users subscribing to that data store could be notified via e-mail. The profile of contributors would also get updated as new data is added to content libraries. (2000-01-22)

Silknet: Customer-Service Software with Staying Power?

According to this Business Week software review "...Silknet's $500,000 business software packages can help corporate Web sites become more customer-friendly on two fronts. Using Silknet's software, companies can make their sites more self-service oriented -- easier for customers to find what they need on their own. Silknet's technology also enables companies to offer online chat with customer-service reps -- and to respond to e-mailed questions faster." (1999-12-12)

Context Matters

This Information Week article describes Verano's Illuminar 2.0, a knowledge management software tool that "...provides drag-and-drop tools that let content owners combine content and context to publish information in secure packages that can be accessed, managed, and audited via standard browsers". (1999-08-01)

Knowledge Finders

This Information  Week article describes several knowledge Management software systems. (1999-07-10)  

Enterprise portals: Any portal in the storm?

In this test of Enterprise Portal software InfoWorld "..found that enterprise portals live up to much of their promise. Years in the lab have made us cynical about inflated vendor claims, but these portals surprised us with their ease of use and sophistication. Plumtree and Brio stood out, thanks to straightforward implementations and flexible means of linking data to portal pages." (1999-11-28)

No middle ground

According to this PC Week article "Document management can cure paper-based ills, but enterprisewide deployment requires an all-or-nothing commitment" The article reviews and compares several Document Management systems. (1999-07-10)

Open Text Corporation

Open Text is one of the leading vendors for web based knowledge and document management systems.  (1999-07-10)

Verity Knowledge Organizer

Knowledge Organizer is a web based Knowledge management system that uses an internet portal style interface for accessing corporate knowledge.  (1999-07-10)


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