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What's New as of 2000-08-13

Reinventing Training

In this Knowledge Management Magazine article, Marc J. Rosenberg asserts that "An effective e-learning strategy must be more than the technology itself or the content it carries. It must also focus on critical success factors that include building a learning culture, marshaling true leadership support, deploying a nurturing business model and sustaining the change throughout the organization. It must be pursued by people who are highly skilled and capable of executing effectively. And it must move us to a view that sees learning in the context of the intellectual capital of the firm and the enabling of higher individual and organizational performance.
Knowledge Management

Organizational learning and communities-of-practice

This paper by John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid concludes that "By reassessing work, learning, and innovation in the context of actual communities and actual practices, we suggest that the connections between these three become apparent. With a unified view of working, learning, and innovating, it should be possible to reconceive of and redesign organizations to improve all three."
Knowledge Management

Simple question, simple answer?

According to this NUA Knowledge News editorial by Catherine McDonnell "Much frustrated head-banging on the part of the Internet user could be avoided if more websites knew just what it is their customers want. All the online company has to do is take the trouble to find out which problems their customers are trying to solve and what information is needed, simply by listening and observing rather than flashing and whining."
Task & User Analysis

Are People Getting Stuck In Your GUI?

According to this Grokdotcom article "An effective GUI bridges all the gaps between you and your shoppers by helping them focus on the content of your website. A good GUI should be seamless, transparent, completely unobtrusive. A super interface will help build the proper customer experience, reinforce your brand, and increase your sales. A bad one will do just the opposite.
Designing Web Applications

Rethinking ROI

This InformationWeek  article examines those situations where "...IT initiatives have become so important that companies are either not evaluating ROI or they're looking to develop new ways to measure ROI to take into account a project's strategic value." 
Calculating ROI

ROI Calculator for Training Methods

This ROI calculator from MediaPro is a Microsoft Excel workbook that helps you compare costs and calculate the return on investment (ROI) between varying methods of training.
Calculating ROI

Aggregating Experience Problems delivering User Centered Design

This UIDesign.net editorial predicts that the "Big end-to-end service providers like AOL Time Warner EMI have the opportunity to use their corporate size to communicate faster and exact better control over their designs, in comparison to competitors forming loose business alliances. Consequently delivering better product with a better user experience leading to higher usage and greater revenues."
Opinions about Technology

Users: How stupid are they, really?

In this Linux World article, JS Kelly asks the question "Should we treat "average users" like the morons they are, or coddle them so they don't hurt themselves? Surely there is a third alternative..." 
Trends in Interface Design

Let's Make Unix Not Suck

In this article, Miguel de Icaza urges open-source developers to remember that "The majority of people do not use computers to do programming, nor to learn how to use nroff, nor to run a web server. The majority of people use computers to simplify their lives, to communicate with people, to get work done, or to have fun."
Trends in Interface Design

Fiscal therapy online is right at your fingertips 

In this US News article Phillip J. Longman reports that in the near future "...automated (financial) advisers will go beyond recommending specific investments. They will custom tailor your portfolios by buying and bundling fractional shares of stocks, bonds, and derivatives calibrated to your goals and tolerance for risk."
Trends in Interface Design

Developing a Knowledge Strategy

This article by that Michael H. Zack that appeared in the Spring, 1999 edition of California Management Review.  "...most knowledge management initiatives are viewed primarily as information systems projects. While many managers intuitively believe that strategic advantage can come from knowing more than competitors, they are unable to explicitly articulate the link between knowledge and strategy"
Knowledge Management

Information architect makes the Web work

In this article J.D. Biersdorfer asks the questions: "Have you ever gone to a Web site to find a specific piece of information and found yourself falling through a series of pages while clicking around helplessly, trying to find what you want? Do you feel as if you have opened the door to the basement of your new house only to find that the architect forgot to design the staircase that leads to the lower level?"
Information Design

Harnessing Corporate Knowledge

According to this Information Week product comparison article "Microsoft is gunning for the knowledge-management market with the upcoming Exchange 2000, sporting tighter application integration and a Web repository, but Lotus has a big head start and ambitious plans to link collaboration and transaction systems."
Knowledge Management

Knowledge management programs pay big dividends

In this ITworld.com article David Essex, reports that: "Most practitioners agree that, simply put, KM is about getting the right information to the right people when they need it. KM captures, stores, and distributes expertise throughout an organization. It encourages people to share what they've learned."
Knowledge Management Tools

The Wonders of Just-in-Time Training

According to this ClickZ article by Trude Diamond "In the adult world, just-in-time training means getting exactly the bit of information or skill practice you need, precisely when you need it usually just before you have to use it for real."
Online Learning


PRACTICING INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport February 2-4, 2001  This conference is the second in the ASIS&T-sponsored series of conferences that are the largest meeting places for information architecture professionals.  
Conferences & Workshops

CHI 2001 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

The CHI 2001 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems will take place in Seattle, Washington, March 31-April 5, 2001. The annual CHI conference is the leading international forum for the exchange of ideas and information about human-computer interaction (HCI).
Conferences & Workshops

8th International Conference on User Modeling

July 13 to July 17, 2001 Alpen Congress Centrum in Sonthofen, Bavaria, Germany. The field of user modeling (UM) has resulted in significant amounts of theoretical work, as well as practical experience, in developing UM-based applications in traditional areas of human-computer interaction and tutoring systems. Further, it promises to have an enormous impact on recent developments in areas like information filtering, e-commerce, adaptive presentation techniques, and interface agents.
Conferences & Workshops

Just for Fun

What's New as of 2000-08-06

Trends: The Evolution of the Interface

In this Macword article about the new Mac Operating system, Bruce Tognazzini laments "...the operating system's flashy new Aqua interface, along with the increasing number of tools that let you change the very underpinnings of the OS, may threaten the Mac's hallmark simplicity."
Trends in Interface Design

A Message to Web Designers: If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

In this New York Times article, Jeffery Selingo writes about "...about the growing impatience that Web users are having with constant face lifts of their favorite sites or with sites that are difficult to navigate." 
Designing Web Applications

Conceptual Design: Cornerstone of Usability

This pdf file is an article by Jeff Rubin that appeared in, Technical Communication, 2Q1996, Volume 43, Number 2. " This article suggests why conceptual design is so often neglected by development teams and presents a five-step process for developing a sound conceptual model for a software application. The crux of the process is the development of multiple models and low-fidelity prototyping.
Task & User Analysis

Narrative Scenarios as a Design Tool

According to this article by David Bliss "Scenarios are stories in which the product being designed is placed within the lives of its intended users. People, software, hardware and the interaction that binds them together constitute the typical cast of characters for scenarios."
Task & User Analysis

Vivid Studio Process + Practices

Does your software or web development project lack a clear development process. Vivid Studio, a well know web design studio has put there development methodology online.  
Project Planning

Knowledge Pool

In this CIO interview, Wendi Bukowitz and Ruth Williams, authors of The Knowledge Management Fieldbook advise that "The first question you need to ask those who are expected to use and contribute to a KM system or process is, "What mission-critical information do you need to do your job?" Is it previously completed project deliverables? Is it process methodologies? Is it customer information? The answers should serve as the cornerstone of your KM initiative.
Knowledge Management

Recipe for a Successful Website

In this Web site, Nathan Shedroff, Chief Creative Officer, vivid studios, uses a cooking metaphor to present what he calls the six basic ingredients for building a successful web site. The ingredients are Content, Information Design, Performance, Compatibility, Visual Design and Interaction  Design. There are many links to other Web site that illustrate these key characteristics. 
Designing Web Applications

A flying menu attack can wound your navigation

According to this Lighthouse on the Web article "...too many Web travellers have to pull over to the side of the road to find the destination they want. And the Web equivalent of the roadside information bay is the fly-out menu. In all its forms, it is used too often."
Designing Web Applications

Knowledge Management and Virtual Organizations

New Book: Based on the compilation of latest knowledge, research and practices being defined by world leading scholars, practitioners and experts, this is the first work that synthesizes the latest thinking in knowledge management with the design of information technology and Internet enabled new organization forms.


New Book: In Cyberselfish: A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture of High Tech, Paulina Borsook takes aim at the Social Darwinism of the tech culture, at its lack of empathy for human beings -- especially the technologically primitive and impaired. In this world she finds much hostility and paranoia, a world of "testosterone-poisoned guys with chips on their shoulders and too much time on their hands."

Macromedia Director as a Prototyping and Usability Testing Tool

This article explores Macromedia Director by providing an overview of how to use the tool. While prototyping and usability testing are important throughout the development process, Macromedia Director will mainly be presented as a tool to be used during the analysis and design phases.
Project Management Tools

The Sabre Graphical Interface

This site describes and contains illustrations of the graphical user interface for the Sabre on line reservation system. The systems feature a Gnatt chart presentation of flight times and a realistic seating plan with drag and drop capabilities. 
Descriptions of Systems

Alternatives to Testing User Experience

In this ClickZ article about web and software-based systems usability testing systems,  Jeffery Graham explains "These types of systems roughly fall into two categories: those that gather visitor feedback and those that measure the technical aspects of site performance. While neither of these alternatives can replace qualitative usability testing, they can provide valuable information to assess user experience."
Usability Testing


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