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Design & Development - Project Planning & Management: articles about  planning, managing and evaluating an EPSS development project.

Vivid Studio Process + Practices

Does your software or web development project lack a clear development process. Vivid Studio, a well know web design studio has put there development methodology online.   (2000-08-06)

Writing Good Work Objectives

This article elaborates upon the qualities of good work objectives and the process of writing them. It is concerned with how objectives are derived (i.e., their content) and how they are specified (i.e., their form).  This article was written for people who are writing work objectives for the first time and for those who, although they might have done so before, find the task a difficult one. (2000-03-26)

Turning Chaos into Order: Managing Web Projects

"In this month's column, I propose a method that combines the best production techniques from the world of media production with those found in the software development environment. This approach provides practices that -- should you welcome them into your nest -- might help you be less nagged, squawked at, and otherwise nitpicked for past chaotic practices." (2000-01-30)

Evaluating a Performance Support Environment for Knowledge Workers

This online article by Beverly E. Thomas, John P. Baron, and Wayne J. Schmidt. identifies some methods for evaluating the feasibility of implementing a performance support system. It describes five evaluation techniques, including some techniques for calculating the potential return on investment (ROI).

Electronic Performance Support Systems: Making The Transition

This online article by Susan Des Jardins and Harry Davis, Jr. provides a step by step check list for planning, developing, testing, implementing and maintaining an EPSS.

A Basic Rubric for Evaluation of Performance Support Systems

This online article by Robert J. Cantor contains a suggested scoring system for evaluating an EPSS.

Multimedia Development Tools

This website contains a comprehensive summary of the management methodologies, procedural checklists and evaluation tools that can be used to plan, manage and evaluate a multimedia, CBI or EPSS development project.

Planning an Electronic Performance Support System Project

This paper by Jean Hollis Weber "...outlines some of the planning considerations and steps involved in an EPSS project, and some of the problems and complications that arose during a specific project." (1999-06-01)

Project Management Links

This page contains an larger number of links to project management information for software development. (1999-06-01)

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