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Development Tools - Project Planning & Management: the software programs that you can used for planning, analysis and the management of an EPSS development project.


ADVISOR P.I. is a decision support tool. It conducts a root cause analysis of a performance deficiency (gap) and recommends the most cost-effective solutions (interventions) that would produce the desired level of productivity. Interventions considered by ADVISOR P.I. include training, job aids, job/process/organization re-design, new/improved incentive system, polices/procedures, tools, hiring practices, communication plan and others.

Classified: Software for Evaluating Categorizations

Classified is a free program designed to evaluate navigational structures for web sites, documents, program menus, catalogues and other information spaces. 

EPSS Designer

This EPSS InfoSite page describes the EPSS Designer, a Lotus Notes application that you can use to collect task information and record EPSS design decisions. You can download a trail version of the software from this page. (Feb-15-97)

Euterpe, a Task Analysis tool

Euterpe is a Task Analysis tool developed at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. It is based on an ontology for describing the task world in a structured way. The theory behind it is based of GTA. Euterpe helps to build task trees, object hierarchies and other important concepts such as event and roles. Templates allow detailed information to be specified and multimedia can be attached to concepts to clarify their nature. Documentation can be generated on paper and as HTML pages. 

IBM EZSort: Card Sorting Software

Cards Sorting is a method of getting information about how a user groups categorizes concepts and information. EZSort is a free software program that can be used to capture and graphically display the results of card sorting exercises. 

IGrafx Process

IGrafx Process is a software program for mapping and evaluating task and process flows. It can be used to evaluate and diagram existing processes and an to evaluate process designs, including processes with a computer mediated component. 

MacBird GUI Builder

MacBird is Open Source development project that is based on a Macintosh draw program with grouping and alignment that's used to design and run graphic user interfaces.

MacFlow & WinFlow: Flowchart Design and Development

With WinFlow and MacFlow you can easily prepare and modify flowcharts of business processes and the flow of system interface screens or web application pages. You can download a demo copy of the program from the Mainstay Web site. 

Macromedia Director as a Prototyping and Usability Testing Tool

This article explores Macromedia Director by providing an overview of how to use the tool. While prototyping and usability testing are important throughout the development process, Macromedia Director will mainly be presented as a tool to be used during the analysis and design phases. (2000-08-06)

Performance Support Project Estimator

Telcordia Technologies has developed an expert tool to help you estimate the total costs of developing your performance improvement and learning solutions. Estimator is an Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) software tool (CD ROM) that provides a consistent methodology for the creation of estimates and project budgets for performance support and learning products.  (2000-03-19)


According to the developer " ProCarta codifies process knowledge while its extensive use of wizards enables even novice users to generate sophisticated Visio flowcharts  (including cross-functional) with fully integrated web publishing capabilities." You can download a working demo of Procarta from the Domain Knowledge Inc web site. 

Requisite Pro

Requisite Pro is a software program that can be used by a team to record and manage system development requirements.  The product combines its own database with Microsoft Word. You can add and update the requirements in either the database front end or in Word.   (May-04-98)

TBI's Caliber-RM

According to the product description: "TBI's Caliber-RM is a collaborative, Internet-based requirements management system that facilitates more effective requirement definition and management throughout the development cycle. Providing a centralized requirement repository and automatic change notification, Caliber-RM enables better collaboration and communication among project teams, assisting them in identifying and eliminating requirement errors earlier in the application lifecycle." (2000-02-20)

WebCAT: Web Category Analysis Tool

WebCAT is a variation upon traditional card sorting techniques. It allows a web designer/usability engineer to test a proposed or existing categorization scheme of a web site to determine how well the categories and items are understood by users.


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