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 The Performance Support Leadership Council
Putting knowledge to work

About the Performance Support Leadership Council 

The Performance Support Group has reinvented itself! At the meeting, held at RWD on May 17, 1999, the group adopted a new name and a number of exciting initiatives. We are now officially the Performance Support Leadership Council (PSLC).

Where have we been?

The organization was originally formed in 1996 with the mission "to advance the concepts of performance support and performance-centered design as well as to promote the best practices, standards and development tools to advance its implementation. Developing business relationships among members is an additional objective."

Since 1996 we have conducted two meetings each year - a fall meeting and a spring meeting. Our fall meeting is centered on the business of performance support and performance-centered design, and the spring meeting is focused on producing a product to benefit the professional community and the industry as a whole. Our specific accomplishments include:

What's Next!

We have some great plans for the Performance Support Leadership Council.  At the spring 1999 meeting we  developed an extensive list of goals. Some of the highlights include:

Our Action Plan

The Performance Support Leadership Council has an energetic action plan over the coming months.   We agreed to develop:

If you are excited about our initiatives and interested in remaining a member of the group, please  mail your check to Jessica Kelmelis.  Her address is provided below. Organizations and individuals not responding by that date will be dropped from the mailing list and ineligible to attend the fall meeting.

In the three years since the PSS Group was founded, all of our initiatives have been accomplished by a small sub-set of the total membership.  To be a viable and productive organization, we need to significantly increase participation in our meetings and in our ongoing initiatives throughout the year.  Membership in the future will require a commitment to support our efforts and activities.  We look forward to having you on board. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call one of the following members.

Cathie McMahon - [email protected] (301) 610-6117

Please contact Gloria Gery if you want to attend. Prospective members may attend one meeting as the group's guest without paying dues.  A maximum of two people may attend from a given company.

Next Meeting

The Fall 2000  meeting will be after the Performance Support Conference in Denver, Colorado at 12 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, September 27th through noon on Thursday, September 28th.  Meeting location and agenda To be Determined. 

The Spring 2001 meeting will be held in Sarasota at the Radisson Lido Beach on Feb 5-6, 2001.

Potential Members are invited to the first meeting without paying dues. Attendance at subsequent meetings requires paid membership at $500.  Meal charges will be billed to non-member guests.

Registration to Attend.  email [email protected] with your intention to attend, including number of attendees.  No more than two persons can attend from a company.


Membership dues for July 1999 to June 2000 are $500 and are payable to the Performance Support Leadership Council. Please send your payment to: 

Gloria Gery
108 South Trail,
Tolland, MA 01034.

The dues are used to fund Performance Support Leadership Council meetings, support the operation and development of the EPSS InfoSite and for other special research projects and activities.

Organization Contacts

Gloria Gery handles dues and finances. Her assistant, Jessica Kelmelis, handles the administrative details (setting up meetings, tracking expenses) and will be paid on an hourly basis out of our dues (Gloria will keep track of her hours). 

Cathy McMahon  and  Lauren Quarmby handle  new membership correspondence and communication. 


Current Members

Organization Contact - Email 
ACS Technology Solutions Carol Majewski
Ariel PCS Inc. Burt Huber, Ray Merrill
Beacon Knowledge Group Barbara Cowley-Durst
Bill Communications (formerly Lakewood Publications) Phil Jones Sandy Mack McCann
Christensen Roberts Solutions Hal ChristensenLou Roberts
Creative Intelligence Maureen Bitney
DLS Group Deborah Stone
EPSS InfoSite Bill Miller
Gery Associates Gloria Gery
Goldman Sachs Alex Behrens
Human Dynamics Paul HeacockBob Dinkins
IBM Celia Duke-Moran, Ginger Swope, Judi Levy
Industrial Training Corp. Harvey Shuster
Intelliworxx Jim Roach, Eddy Belew
Jenifer Lippincott Jenifer Lippincott
Kalin-LovgrenAssociates John Lovgren
Millennium Learning Julia Geisman
PCD Innovations Gary Dickelman, Jan Greenberg
Performance Technologies Australia (PTA) Ken Grierson, Tom McCann
Performance Vision Stan Malcolm
PTS Learning Steve Immel
Q Consulting Lauren Quarmby
RWD Technologies, Inc.  Butler NewmanCatherine Witt
Siemens ElectroCom LP Dennis Mitchell, Shawna Vacca, Woody Williams
Sterling Resources Andy ZolperJean Steinbach
Telcordia (formerly Bellcore) John Van Assen
The MindServe Group Jerry Gasch�
TTG Systems Inc Ken Flesher
WPI Cathy McMahon ,   Janet Cichelli

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