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The Wonders of Just-in-Time Training

According to this ClickZ article by Trude Diamond "In the adult world, just-in-time training means getting exactly the bit of information or skill practice you need, precisely when you need it usually just before you have to use it for real." (2000-08-13)

Web based Learning Primer

The varieties of web-based learning are usually defined by the technology used, or by the approach to learning that the technology supports. This brief primer describes a number of scales that can be used to characterize and evaluate Integrated On-line Learning Environments on the market.  (2000-04-09)

Traditional Training Fades In Favor Of E-Learning

"Training is dead--long live e-learning. This might be more than a shift in semantics for some companies that are discovering that training--loosely defined as any enhancement to an employee's skills delivered in a classroom by an instructor--is by and large an antiquated way of looking at how employees acquire knowledge and build skills." (2000-02-13)

E-education is the New New Thing

"In the last few years, hundreds of companies have sprung up to compete for their piece of the $740 billion Americans spend annually on education and training. Some companies are using Internet technology to overhaul the way schools procure books and manage their financial records. Others are trying to build nationwide chains of private, for-profit branded schools." (2000-02-06)

Learn At A Distance

According to this Information Week article: "Businesses have done the math. They know, for example, that conventional classroom instruction costs hover at about $75 an hour, with full-week programs costing $3,000 to $5,000. Computer-based training, by comparison, costs about half that. What's more, training via the Web can serve up instruction globally--there are no seat restrictions in these classrooms--around-the-clock, and without travel costs." (2000-01-16)

Subscribe to OnLine Learning News

The OnLine Learning News email newsletter contains news about the world of training, online learning and trends in technologies for learning. (2000-01-10)

Links to Business Simulation Games

This page contains links to various web based business simulations games that can be used for leaning business concepts and practices. (1999-12-20)

PC Show and Tell

An interesting website containing many small Lotus ScreenCam files that illustrate common interactions for well know consumer software products and web sites. To use the site you must download the ScreenCam viewer software. You can search for a ScreenCam by keywords or by selecting topics form a series of the drop down lists. Unfortunately the site is slow and it takes about a minute with a 56K modem to download and view a ScreenCam file. (1999-11-22)


The (DLO) provides a platform for information exchange and support for the fast-growing digital learning industry. DLO invites the input and involvement of all organizations and individuals that consider the future of learning to be a key part of their business or individual focus. (1999-10-24)

IMS Project

"IMS is a global coalition of academic, commercial and government organizations, working together to define the Internet architecture for learning". (1999-07-03)

The 1999 CBT Report

This Inside Training Technology article summarizes the results of a survey of 511 respondents whose company's are involved in the development of computer-based training systems. 80% of the respondents reported that the development of CBT was growing in their organization. 54% said their organizations were delivering training via an Intranet or the Internet. (Mar-14-99)

Boeings Big Experiment

This Inside Training Technology article describes the development of an intranet training system that supports a massive process re-engineering effort at Boeing. (Mar-14-99)

The Performance Technology Website

This site is an effort by people associated with San Diego State University's Department of Educational Technology.


According to the introduction to this site "Each day we need to link learning to helping people become more effective and productive. This site will introduce you to that notion and take you to related topics and ideas supporting the Learnativity revolution." (Apr-18-99)

Links to Online Educational Technology Articles

This website contains an extensive listing of online articles about educational technologies and EPSS. The articles cover such issues as web-based training, intelligent tutoring, CBT, Computer Supported Cooperative Learning and Telelearning. (Dec-06-97)

Knowledge Connection Corporation (KCC)

This is a not-for-profit organization located at Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto, and funded in part by the Government of Ontario (Canada). The site contains an inventory of technology-based projects that demonstrate innovative uses of technology in education and training.

Funderstanding's Adventures In Learning

This site is a place to explore and discuss ideas about learning and the application of these concepts to interactive learning systems. The site contains an comprehensive overview of various learning theories and ideas.

Web-Based Training Information Center

A non-profit resource designed for individuals and organizations interested in developing and delivering training via public and/or private networks using Web technology. The intent of this site is to share non-proprietary information, stimulate creative ideas, and link to interesting training-related sites around the world. (Updated Aug-10-97)

Brandon Hall Resources

This site contains links and information about training technology, and in particular web-based training. The site also has a training technology newsletter and information about joining a listserv discussion group. (Oct-18-98)

Instructional Designs

This contains information about and examples of internet-based training programs. (May-11-97)


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