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Design & Development - Calculating ROI: about calculating Return on Investment and Cost Benefit for software development, hardware acquisition, online training and performance support systems.

Rethinking ROI

This InformationWeek  article examines those situations where "...IT initiatives have become so important that companies are either not evaluating ROI or they're looking to develop new ways to measure ROI to take into account a project's strategic value." (2000-08-13)

ROI Calculator for Training Methods

This ROI calculator from MediaPro is a Microsoft Excel workbook that helps you compare costs and calculate the return on investment (ROI) between varying methods of training. (2000-08-13)

Performance Support Project Estimator

Telcordia Technologies has developed an expert tool to help you estimate the total costs of developing your performance improvement and learning solutions. Estimator is an Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) software tool (CD ROM) that provides a consistent methodology for the creation of estimates and project budgets for performance support and learning products.  (2000-03-19)

The Excellent Intranet Cost Analyzer

There is a cost to not finding information. Although it's impossible to measure the exact cost of employees not finding information on a company's intranet, this calculator gives a ballpark figure. (2000-02-20)

SEEING IS BELIEVING: A Better Approach To Estimating Knowledge Capital

This CFO Magazine article presents a method for calculating and reporting the value of Knowledge assets. (1999-09-23)

Return on Investment (ROI) for Performance Support Systems

This site contains Excel templates and guidelines for calculating the ROI for a EPSS. The material was designed and developed by Charles H. Hawkins, Jr., and Kent L. Gustafson at The University of Georgia (1999-06-20)


ROI Now is a web-based system for calculating the ROI for the purchase of various software systems, such as Lotus Notes. According the the developer's marketing information  " Based on industry-standard costs and benefits, ROI Now! digests your company's number of users, industry, and experience of IT staff and generates an ROI analysis that includes net present value, payback period, and internal rate of return." (Mar-13-99)

Evaluating a Performance Support Environment for Knowledge Workers

This article describes five basic techniques for evaluating the cost benefit of a performance support system. (Oct-18-98)

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Advisor: A Media Selection and Return on Investment Tool

According to the developer Advisor is "... a decision support tool, helps you select the most cost-effective method/media [i.e., print, tapes, classroom, computer based training, electronic performance support systems, audio/computer/video conferencing and others] or combination for the delivery of a training course/program; and determines how technology can improve the quality and reduce the cost of training." (Oct-18-98)

Return on Investment Calculations for Hardware

This ZD Net page contains an article and Excel spreadsheet for calculating the Return on Investment for computer hardware upgrades. ZD Net "... found that adding another 16MB of memory to a 166MHz PC yields a return of about 700 percent on the $50 spent for administrative personnel and an incredible 3,600 percent for managers". (Sep-06-98)

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